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Urea valves

Urea valves

One of the directions of FessoValves activity is specialized equipment for use in technological processes of urea production. 

We produce wide range of equipment for urea production, including

Sizes: up to and including 8” (200 mm)

Pressure: PN325 (319 kgf/cm2) and PN455 (446 kgf/cm2) bar.

All cast parts of valves are made of heat-resistant modified stainless steel ASTM A182 (F316L) (Russian equivalent 03H17N14MZ, which is used for production of the basic units of equipment for carrying out the synthesis of urea and caprolactam). 

Manufacturing from a variety of materials on customer specifications is possible.
Equipment is manufactured for technological processes of such companies as
  • Snaprogetti
  • Urea Casale
  • Stamicarbon
  • TEC
 Deliveries of pipes, fittings and urea fittings  in project implementation are possible.